We are proud that everything we make at North Coast Cultured Products is made-to-order by skilled craftsmen to fit our customers’ needs and that each product is manufactured using premium quality materials. Our care and high standards are evident in the long-lasting beauty of each item we manufacture.


We offer custom designed sizes on all our products lines. By offering a wide variety of color selection, your designers can create something truly beautiful, durable, and unique. Whether it’s new construction or a home remodel, we’ll meet all your customers’ specifications and needs.


We have years of experience working on large-scale construction projects. Projects such as dormitories, new home construction, entire building remodels and office /apartment buildings, just to name a few. We provide custom windowsills, ADA compliant or standard shower bases and vanity tops. We strive to meet your project’s deadlines and budget. Our high standards and professionalism will ensure you’re consistently receiving an excellent product. Quality control is our number one priority.


Long-term health facilities and hospitals have used our products in their buildings and have found them to be low maintenance and durable. We can accommodate ADA compliant requirements on all our products. Our showers, bases, windowsills and vanity tops are comprised of a non-porous surface which makes them more sanitary than natural quartz, marble and granite.