Yes, cultured marble’s non-porous properties make the surface anti-microbial and will never require a sealant.
The products we make are made available to the public through our partners—suppliers, retailers, builders, and contractors throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania, as well as in parts of West Virginia, Ohio, and New York.
We only sell to licensed contractors, home builders, architects and kitchen and bath designers. If you’re interested in purchasing or becoming a distributor please reach out to us.
Preserve the luster of your North Coast Cultured Product by daily cleaning. Use only liquid, non-abrasive cleaners. Spray cleaners that are safe for vinyl, acrylic, natural stone, natural marble, granite and quartz will also be safe to use on cultured marble. See our care and cleaning manual included with your purchase for specific tips and tricks.

Here is a general guide for determining the weight of your custom cultured marble piece.

Here is a general guide for determining the weight of your custom cultured marble piece.

Vanity tops:
19” depth
23 x total length ÷ 18 – 8 = total weight

22” depth
26 x total length ÷ 18 – 8 = total weight

Shower bases:
Width x length ÷ 12 = total weight




You can protect the splendor of your product and ensure years of enjoyment and uncomplicated usage by observing these simple suggestions:

Never run straight hot water into the basin as this can cause hair-line cracks. For added safety, keep hot water thermostat at 150 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

To preserve the gel-coat on the surface of the product, follow the instructions listed here to repair any scratches that occur as soon as possible. Take care not to slide, scrape, or strike hard objects such as razors, scissors, or glassware on the material, as this may cause scratches or hairline cracks in the gel-coat.

Tape residue left from labels can be removed by using paste wax and elbow grease.

Preserve the luster of your North Coast Cultured Product by occasionally cleaning and waxing. Use only liquid, non-abrasive cleaners. Afterward, apply a light coat of non-yellowing wax and polish.

Remove hard water scale and rust stains with a mild vinegar and water solution followed by a white fine automobile polishing compound.

Cultured products share the contraction and expansion characteristics of natural marble, granite, stone, and onyx. Attention to temperature change is particularly important during winter months when the difference between the temperature of the hot water coming from your hot water tank and the temperature of the cold water lines feeding your house is greatest. Avoid running hot water exclusively in your sink. Rapid changes in water temperature could cause it to crack.

Many difficult stains can be avoided through proper use of your North Coast Cultured Products. These steps can be taken to remedy unusual cleaning problems:

Grease stains and oil residues can be removed by kerosene, mineral spirits, or Butyl Cellosolve, available from paint outlets.

Mold and mildew can be removed with a diluted solution of Clorox or Lysol.

Never let pure Clorox come in contact with your North Coast Cultured Product.

Hair dye or shoe polish stains can also be removed by using polishing compound

Minor surface scratches can be buffed out using the polishing compound.

Deeper scratches or burns may require light sanding with wet 600 grit sandpaper. Sand lightly with a circular motion in as confined an area as possible. Wet area thoroughly while sanding.

Remove the minor scratches which result from sanding by buffing with polish compound.

Cigarette stains can be removed using Bon Ami applied with a soft toothbrush. After removing the stain, polish out the area with toothpaste.

Small chips can be repaired by applying clear fingernail polish. Then follow the instructions for sanding out scratches.


We strongly recommend using:

  • Weimans Granite & Stone Daily Clean & Shine
  • Method Daily Granite Cleaner
  • 409 Multi-surface Cleaner
  • Gel-Gloss Original Kitchen & Bath Cleaner & Polish

Certain chemical substances can seriously discolor your product, even during brief periods of contact. Protect your North Coast Cultured Product from contact with these harmful reagents:

Clorox or other Hypochlorite bleaches

Hydrogen Peroxide in any concentration

Drano or other Lye solutions

Sani-flush or other Sodium Bisulphate compounds

Fingernail polish remover

Paint Strippers containing Methylene Chloride

Comet, Ajax, or any other abrasive cleaner